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SUSPENSION FRAME: Any body, rack, or very similar structure designed for the goal of suspension. Common configurations of suspension frames incorporate an open up "box" with mounting details along its upper edges, by which somebody might be suspended so that the individual hangs horizontally throughout the box; an oblong upright frame, from which a person may very well be suspended with rope or suspension cuffs; and a lengthy wood or metal pole, supported by two legs on Each individual conclude, from which a person can be suspended by ropes.

SCENE: one. A certain period of BDSM activity; as in, We had a scene Long lasting about two hrs past night time.

INFIBULATION: one. Chastity piercing, notably of Adult males. two. In certain cultures, the exercise of feminine genital mutilation, normally pressured on Gals in the onset of puberty and infrequently for religious motives. The exercise is made up of surgical elimination in the clitoris and/or sewing the labial lips together to circumvent sexual penetration.

Bettering sexual arousal. While some Males could be aroused by the feeling of getting "owned", the physical experience of stretching the ligaments that suspend the testicles has an outcome much like the more prevalent practice of stretching one particular's legs and pointing the toes.

Delaying or intensifying ejaculation by protecting against the testicles from mounting Usually into the "stage of no return". It is way more difficult to succeed in an orgasm.

Preventing the testicles from lifting up to this point they turn into lodged under the pores and skin quickly adjacent to The bottom of your penis, a problem which may be incredibly unpleasant, particularly when the testicle is then squashed by the slap of pores and skin in the course of thrusting in sexual intercourse.

SPANKING GLOVE: A glove, generally crafted from leather-based or heavy rubber and routinely (though not often) fingerless, designed to secure the wearer's palm given that the wearer spanks An additional individual.

SENSORY DEPRIVATION: Any practice meant to reduce somebody's capacity to see, hear, or use his or her other senses, either to produce a psychological state of arousal or anxiety or as Element of feeling Enjoy.

RACK: (Non-Acronym) Any type of bondage furniture consisting of a framework or System to which anyone could be certain; generally derived from the Medieval implement consisting of a platform as well as a wheeled system built to extend or pull the individual certain to it.

PROTOCOL: Any defined, enforced code of habits which a submissive is anticipated to abide by. A protocol generally imposes constraints and boundaries within the submissive's behavior, significantly in social settings; such as, a protocol may perhaps specify that a submissive will not be to talk to a different man or woman without the dominant's permission, might not discuss Except if spoken to, etc.

FIRE PLAY: Any of a variety of procedures involving using hearth or flame in BDSM or sexual Enjoy. Just one kind of hearth Engage in, as an example, consists of positioning an accelerant for instance Liquor on anyone's human body, then igniting and speedily extinguishing it. Commentary:

HEDGEHOG: A tool employed for feeling Participate in consisting of a short steel cylinder with quite a few spikes connected to the manage in such a way that it could be rolled in excess of the pores and skin, developing a sensation fairly just like that of the wartenberg wheel.

The phrase "squick" has a fascinating historical past. It had this content been coined by a regular person from the old Usenet newsgroup alt.sexual intercourse.bondage to explain a unexpected and unforeseen revulsion knowledgeable by her companion when a group of pretty younger kittens attempted to nurse on him.

CHASTITY Enjoy, ENFORCED CHASTITY: The apply of disallowing any form of sexual launch or sexual exercise, often imposed on the submissive by a dominant.

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